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               Dialogue One

                  A.They are due today.

                  B.That sounds like a good idea

                  C.Got any plans after the class?

              Juliane: Hi,Jenny. ____1____

              Jenny: Not really. What about you?

              Juliane: I've got a course paper to write. So I plan to look for some books and study at the library. Do you want to join me?

              Jenny: Sure. I need to return some books. ____2____ Besides, I can also read some magazines and newspapers there.

              Juliane: Fantastic! We can go swimming in the gym after that.

              Jenny: ____3____ We can chillout a little in such a hot summer.


              11.Once a bed is completed in the factory, it undergoes a rigorous quality control process.

              A. longB. complexC. strictD. complete

              12.It saved them an hour during a procedure that would normally take three hours.

              A merely  B. possibly  C. usually  D. rarely

              13.The universe is presumed to contain many other planets with some form of life.

              A. Destined  B. intended  C. expected  D. supposed

              14.The scene has shocked me because it is something alien to me.

              A. unfair  B. unfamiliar  C. unnecessary  D. uncomfortable

              15.The new situation in this area calls for a change in our financial policies.

              A. Suggests  B. requires  C. demonstrates  D. identifies

              16.He claimed that he had a wonderful job and was well paid, but his mother knew that he had made it all up.

              A.invented  B. Invested  C. corrected  D. collected

              17.Though many people witnessed the accident, theywere not sure about the exact consequences.

              A. orders  B. processes  C. results  D. causes

              18.Supported by sufficient evidence, his argument seems to have a greatdeal of validity.

              A. challenge  B. value  C. truth  D. utility

              19.The supply of silver in the mine had diminished, causing great concern among the people of the town.

              A. Disappeared  B. erupted  C. expired  D. declined

              20.A deficiency of soil nutrients can cause the crop to be of low quality.

              A. Lack  B. supply  C. number  D. source

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